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Finding My Happy Place

There are so many things I've wanted in life. After serving in the military, I've work in various occupations.  Some of them felt worthy of my efforts, others not so much.  Like most, I have worked long hours, weekends, overtime, etc. only to feel exhausted and dissatisfied.  

Then one day, my husband took me camping after work.  I wasn't thrilled, to say the least, but his heart was in the right place.  It was me, whose mind was elsewhere...still working.  But he kept stressing the importance of letting go and enjoying nature.  Then one day, it all clicked.  I was finally at peace hiking trails, listening to crickets at night and taking slow deep breaths from the crisp, clean air.  I was loving camping.

So I've decided to create an online store based solely on the experience of getting outside.  Outside to feel nature's energy.  Outside of one's comfort zone.  Outside...to unleash all that holds us back. 

I invite you to shop and share at https://littlebrownsquirrel.com.