About Us

Our Value Statement

We believe people are kinder, more joyful and healthier, mentally and physically, when they can enjoy nature.  We value you as a customer and will always treat you with kindness, respect and dignity.

Our Mission Statement

To help others learn and become involved in the beauty (and benefits) of being outdoors.


We are a woman, veteran and African-American owned business located in the United States of America with more than 12 years of retail experience. What I've learned is that people are feeling more overwhelmed these days. Technology coupled with long hours of hard work and the management of numerous projects, being outside has become a challenge. But recently many of my friends and family have expressed an interest in venturing into camping, hiking, water-sporting, and rv glamping.

After selling my franchise locations (I had two) and taking a two-year hiatus, I decided I wanted to open an online store. One reason, I enjoy business. Two, I want a business that will allow me some mobility in order to spend more quality time with my family and friends. My initial challenge was...I didn't have a name. I searched and played with names for quite some time with no luck. I decided I would pray for a name (just as I did when it came to naming our daughter). During my sleep, the name "Little Brown Squirrel" popped into my head. I immediately jumped out of bed and did a domain search. It was available. At that moment I knew I was back on the path to business ownership.

Despite having a bunch of little brown squirrels in my yard, I felt that God blessed me with the name in honor of our daughter. You see, our last name is Little. We have brown skin. And, she loved squirrels so much as a toddler, I called her squirrel. This business is meant for us and her in so many ways.

I welcome your feedback on our products and services. Share your outdoor adventures on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Tell us which products you've purchased.

Go ahead, get outside, breathe and count squirrels!

Lauren Little
CEO & Founder